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(una breve historia)

En septiembre de 2007, Kira y Pete abrieron las puertas de Hootenanny Art House en la calle 15 en Park Slope . La visión era una casa de arte comunitaria con una puerta mosquitera y un porche, con niños y adultos yendo y viniendo ... cantando, tocando el ukeleles, haciendo arte, comiendo pasteles y haciendo amigos.

Para 2018, su programa de arte estaba superando el espacio y Hannah Kasper Levinson se unió a ellos para crear Hootenanny Art Annex en 7th Ave. La visión de Hannah para Art Annex era crear un estudio de arte donde los niños vinieran a crear, explorar y experimentar a sí mismos a través del arte. . Ella valora los materiales abiertos y emplea un enfoque que valora el proceso creativo sobre un producto uniforme.

En la primavera de 2021, Hannah se mudó a Ohio. Christie había estado enseñando arte en varias escuelas y organizaciones sin fines de lucro durante los últimos 20 años, pero había estado soñando despierta con algún día tener su propio estudio de arte. ¡Así que se acercó a Kira y nació una nueva asociación!

Con algunas negociaciones de vecinos y la promesa de continuar con esta increíble responsabilidad de llevar arte a la comunidad, Kira y Pete entregaron las llaves del Art Annex y Christie comenzó a poner en práctica todos los planes que tenía para el espacio.

La misión de The Art Annex es continuar personificando la visión de Kira, Pete y Hannah de construir una comunidad de pensadores inspirados, resilientes y creativos, al tiempo que expandimos nuestra programación para servir a artistas de todas las edades.

¡Porque todo el mundo necesita experiencias artísticas significativas!

Esperamos que envíes a tus hijos a hacer arte con nosotros,

¡y que tú también vendrás a hacer arte con nosotros!

Visítanos, llámanos o envíanos un correo electrónico en cualquier momento.

nuestros profesores

Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 11.53.31 AM.png

Christie O'Brien

Christie, propietaria de The Art Annex, ha trabajado con niños durante más de 20 años.

También le gusta hacer todo tipo de arte con sus propios hijos, desde los más astutos (teñir telas con aguacates y tejer con camisas viejas) hasta los más tradicionales (dibujo, grabado y pinturas colaborativas a gran escala).

Su estilo de enseñanza es siempre un enfoque basado en procesos para un plan de estudios de arte, con un enfoque en la elaboración del producto final.


fulano de tal

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sara photo cropped.png

MuÑoz Ledo rodriguez

Sara is an interdisciplinary artist from Morelos, Mexico. Sara graduated from The New School with a BFA in photography and a BA in creative writing. Before working at the Art Annex, Sara worked as a Teaching Assistant at the International Center of Photography and the Children’s Museum of the Arts. 


Sara believes that all children should have the opportunity to create their own narratives and experience themselves through art. 


In addition to teaching and making art, Sara loves biking, propagating plants, looking at birds, and eating mangos. 



Prior to teaching at The Art Annex, Susan taught art to young children for many years at Brooklyn Friends School. Before that she was a teaching artist at Studio in a School. Prior to  her teaching career, Susan was a freelance editorial and children’s book illustrator.

When Susan is not teaching you can find her painting in various places around NYC, especially in Brooklyn.

She loves to paint en plein air (outside), mostly painting in watercolors. Susan also loves drawing anything and everything. She says, “Drawing and painting the world around me helps me to feel much more connected to my environment.” Susan received her BFA at Pratt institute and her MA at Queens College.


James Doe

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Janet Pedersen photo  .jpeg


Janet Pedersen is a Brooklyn based fine artist and educator.

She has worked with both adults and children, and loves to teach! Earlier in her career, Janet illustrated children’s books and eventually authored a few of

her own.

Aside from studio painting, Janet enjoys painting on location (plein air) and is grateful for Prospect Park and the architecture of her Brooklyn neighborhood of

Park Slope.

She works in most mediums. She received her BFA from Art Center College of Design in California.



Hattie is an art teacher, visual artist, and math tutor based in Park Slope. She believes self and community empowerment are grounded in the nurturing of our creative selves.

In her teaching, Hattie combines the roles of mentor, artist, scientist, coach, and explorer. She aims to create a classroom environment where each student feels confident to try, fail, and try again.


When she is not making art or finishing her masters in art education, Hattie likes to ride her bike, host Shabbat dinners,

and learn how to sing. 



Eleanore is a mixed media artist from Cambridge, Massachusetts. She majored in Studio Art at
Oberlin College, where she explored her love of quilts, lamps, prints, and ceramics.

Before working at the Art Annex, she worked at a nature-based preschool in Chicago, IL.

She has worked with children for several years in child care centers, teaching after school art classes,
and creating spaces for play-based learning. Eleanore loves to bike around the city, make
dinners with her friends, and listen to audio books.


vic walsh

Vic is a dual-degree student in their final semester at The New School, studying Fine Arts (BFA) and “Art and the Mind” (BA in Liberal Arts).


They enjoy working with sound, painting with rust, and creating sculptures that encourage growth and decay. Much of their art-making begins with the question “what happens if…” Lately, their favorite materials are dirt and mold, and one could describe their studio as smelling “earthy.”

Vic also spends their summers as a counselor at Beam Camp, supporting campers in independent and camp-wide art and building projects. They volunteer regularly at the Dream House and love putting the chickens to bed at the Bushwick City Farm.

image0 (1) copy.jpeg

Magali Wilensky

Magali is an Award-winning New York-based multidisciplinary artist, healer, teacher and mother of two. 
She moved from Argentina to Miami,  where she received a Bachelors in Fine Arts from The Art Institute of Miami 2006. There she developed her rolled fabric technique which she exhibited in galleries and other institutions in New York, Miami, and Buenos Aires.
In 2008 Her art took her on an inward journey to study the body, mind and soul. She became a massage therapist, a sound healer, a yoga and meditation instructor. She and her whole family founded and own a Wellness Center called Om’echaye.
Magali moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2013 to study and graduated from Brooklyn College with a Masters in Performance and Interactive Media Arts (PIMA). 

Magali created an art production company in Brooklyn called LifeandMatter.


Emilia DeVitis

Emilia has a BFA from The School of Visual Arts and has been involved in the visual arts both personally and  professionally for over 30 years.
She’s has been involved in group shows and solo shows both in the US and abroad as well as having her work featured in art publications. Having always had an interest in the discovery of materials and their outcome, Emilia unearths their possibilities through her abstract portraits. Being a multi media artist has given her the freedom to always pursue the endless possibilities of creating.

Emilia lives and has her studio in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
You can view her work on Instagram @emiliadevitis



Sophia is an artist that naturally dyes fabric, marbles paper and illustrates. She has over a decade of experience as an early childhood teacher and graduated with her Masters in Early Childhood Education from Bank Street College of Education. 


She cares deeply about process art and giving kids and adults the space to explore materials freely. When she's not in her studio stirring dye pots and collaging she's digging in the dirt at her local community garden where she grows dye plants, flowers and vegetables.

want to teach with us?

We are always looking for enthusiastic teachers to join our team at the Art Annex!

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